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2023 Updates: Advantis Token

After being in development for a year, our first utility Advantis.AI launched on February 4th. As we feel very strongly about making sure there is no cost barrier for anyone who wishes to be safer in the Crypto space, our V1 launched as browser-based with a robust amount of free functionalities. Optimized mobile versions, a PRO version with more advanced monitoring functions, and Android and iOS Apps are on the roadmap, and we will announce estimated dates as we get closer to each step.

Advantis.AI is more than just our first utility; it is the backbone and the beginning of all the tools and technologies that we wish to provide to the many and the few so everyone can educate and protect themselves in this big, albeit still quite small, Crypto space.

In addition, we also launched a limited release of Advantis Tokens' first NFT: Advantis AI Awakens. This NFT commemorates the beginning of Advantis.AI and provides the owner a lifetime license to Advantis PRO once released. Available on OpenSea secondary market

Our founders and developers, Matt and Justin have had their heads down working around the clock with the lead-up to the reader launch and the weeks following. We admittedly got a bit caught up with the heads-down hard work, and we are now getting back to more community interaction and ramping up activity on our social media channels.


As with any new software, there will always be updates. There is an update currently in place to address some current known bugs, such as log-in issues and adding dead wallets to the circulating supply filter. We are also adding some visual and wording upgrades to make the user experience more enjoyable. For a full list of updates, please see the announcements channel in discord.


We held a discord AMA this past Monday that was needed and admittedly overdue; we learned a lot from all the questions from this incredible community. Going forward, we will have a better line of communication, connect more and become more transparent when possible.

Two incredible AMAs were held with LawnDartActual & JustAman

If you missed them, here are the links.

AMA with LawnDartActual's YouTube Channel

AMA with JustAman's YouTube Channel: The Mid-Day Mix-Up Show


What you can expect:

Please remember that days and times can be subject to change; we aim to be as consistent as possible.


  • Updated Roadmap coming soon

  • Updated Whitepaper coming soon

  • Updated (NEW) Website for coming soon


  • TEXT AD on

  • More to follow

If you read this far, thank you, this blog update was long, so we could catch up this year thus far.

A big thank you to our amazing community. We look forward to growing together.

Advantis Token Team

All Official Links can be found here

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