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Advantis token launch

Advantis Token has successfully migrated to the Ethereum Blockchain! On December 15th, we successfully stopped trading and did the airdrops to all the Advantis holders. The process went smoothly and kept within the gas price buffer we had accounted for. The Airdrops took around 10 minutes to complete, and there was not one failed transaction. We also began the swap of liquidity to Ethereum.

December 16th, liquidity finished swapping, and we launched Advantis token just after noon. Since then, there have been no bots or front running on the contract. On December 21st, we got our first listing update with Coingecko, and we are just waiting for CMC to complete its process. As for wallet listings, Ellipal, Safepal, Meta Mask, and many others are now seeing Advantis Token.

With the update to CoinGecko, the logos and prices will start showing on some wallets. The following steps are to update Etherscan with current information. Then, have CMC list and start reporting circulating supply. Etherscan update times are about one week, although we are working with them to try and accelerate this.

Unfortunately, CMC does not give deadlines, and we need to wait for completion on their end. More updates to come after CMC has completed its listings.

Happy trading,

The Advantis team.

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