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Weekly Update: March 4th 2023

Updated: Mar 8


  • Informational tabs have been added where needed.

  • The contract counter has been fixed.

  • Filters for USDC, USDT, and Stablecoins have been added.

  • Anchoring of functionalities added for easier scrolling.

  • The search "ENTER" update is in place.

  • Various visual and wording updates.

Please see the announcements channel in our discord for a full list of updates.


Mon, February 27th: We started the week with our first MOONSHOT MONDAY Twitter Space with our CTO Justin AKA JustMoonshot and hosted by Chris Gill Crypto. We will have a different topic each week and look to the community for suggestions.

Link: MOONSHOT MONDAY: Does Crypto need AI? EP. #1

Thu, March 2nd: We held our second Advantis Token AMA on our YouTube channel. Listen in as our devs discuss the first Crypto project that obtained a 100% score on our Advantis.AI Crypto Contract Reader and much more.

Link: Advantis Token AMA EP. #2

Friday, March 3rd: We were invited to hold an AMA on CryptoDeb's Twitter Space. We can't thank her enough for hosting. One lucky listener won our Advantis AI Awakens NFT valued at $300+

Link: CryptoDeb: Advantis AI AMA & Giveaway



We have secured advertising with Etherscan. Initially, we were looking at only doing a TEXT AD; however, we are thrilled to announce we have negotiated TWO BANNER ADs instead. Stay tuned for start dates.


  • New development team paperwork is in progress. Update incoming soon.

  • Additional Videos and Video Shorts coming soon. Matt Mortier YouTube Channel


  • Mon, March 6th: Moonshot Monday Twitter Space EP. #2 @5.30 PM EST (Topic: Market Sentiment)

  • Thur, March 9th: Advantis Token AMA EP. #3 @4PM EST YouTube

  • Fri, March 10th: Weekly Friday Twitter Space @Time TBA

Please remember that days and times are subject to change; we aim to be as consistent as possible. i.e., If an unscheduled AMA event opportunity comes up on the same day, it could replace one of our regular event times.

As usual, a big thank you to our amazing community. Have a great weekend!

Advantis Token Team

All Official Links can be found here:

Advantis Token LinkTree

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